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by OrcaPlayer

i really love how orcaplayer did this it shows what it is like in a cave and what two dragons would be like in a un eye to eye talk as ...

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dragonwolfblade's Profile Picture
Kinzoku Ghost (Wolfe Ghost)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
hi everyone am Wolfe ghost the furred dragon and welcome to my page I am a dragon and I am a unique one and yes I love to study my one kind I find them amazing and awesome I love to help out my friends and family. I think of my friends and family as a pack because if anytime I am on halo or da and Skype I am all ways the omega wolf of my pack and I like it that way.

I love to draw and write story's It helps me cool off after some dark days and all that and I am funny as well with out a drink and with some in me I like to rp with people.I like looking after horses as well I build with lego to get a new idea for anything really as in story's and role playing or just to draw.

I love dragons and vore and like have a full belly or being in bellies and love to get belly rub and give them as well I am predator but to too my friends I am prey/pred and I love have them in my belly and I love being in there belly so yeah

I am there for friends and family if anything Is wrong or you are upset. I can sometimes understand things but I understand the whole world in my own way yea I am a bit crazy and dark at times but sometimes I am crazy in a good way I all was try my best and help people out .I draw out of my own head what I think and I draw dragon heads I am try others ones.

And as we'll I like furry's all that type of stuff I don't judge a book by it's cover as I don't judge people for what they like it is up to them what they like and hate but never hate something that you don't understand that is how i was like with furry's vore and rp not understanding them but after looking around different sites and looking at them well they grow on me so I stated to like them it opened a whole new world for me so that is way I love them because at the end of the day fantasy is fantasy there is nothing wrong with that is there.

My times when I can be up late:…


RP mate: i have an RP mate well a few so i am not naming them all but the one with wolfe right now is grace she is a nidoqueen and i love here she is my brother drake's oc :icongamerdragon165: and he is also my oc nova's husband to be nova and i own


All my oc's and sonas and art that I do of mine belong to me :icondragonwolfblade:

sona's and oc list:

Wolfe "the nuzzling nom" furred dragon~
alduin a rayqraza crossed arcanine oc pred to wolfe.
oc two: wolf lion hybrid called blackclaw.
oc three: gryphon dutch angle dragon callled recon.
nova the lugia plushie
and Zard the nuzzling dragon fluff ball which is a mega charizard but not the black and blue but the other way around and in blue with black underbelly and black flames

wolfe's brother hunter a eastern ancient dragon which looks like a white dragon with gold and chrome sliver. Bigger then a normal one and is fully pred he looks a little scary but he really is kinda and gentle with ppl and he has a pudgy belly a little plus he as a pouch.

wolfe's brother rick a wilfdrog with a long black mane with a lightish brown body and white under belly and a pudgy belly with purple eyes and a blue inner maw and on his paws some non finger like gloves and on an ear a gold ear ring and a silver neckless and some googles on top of his head (wilfdrog species belong to :iconenriquebravo:)

What rick looks like:…

(Yolanada is cannon to Wolfe's life and is his girlfriend) Yolanda: relationship: Wolfe's girlfriend. a samurott crossed arcanine [more on her soon]

Hippogryphon: name: unknown. His a large and fat hippogryphon that wear big pants and combat goggles on his head he loves to eat and hang with friends he is a gamer and he is also friend with Wolfe and the croc gator and his a Gary and white hippogryphon with blue eyes and orange inner belly and maw

Croc gator: name: unknown. His a fat but muscular croc gator who wears a top and pants as while as some gloves he loves to work out and eat as well as have some down time with friends or play games at him his work is a games designer and tester so he spend most of his time at him he is close friends with Wolfe and the hippogryphon. Colour: sunset colour with yellow eyes and purple inner maw and belly…

and a seconded dutch angle dragon called Scott is the colour of the Scottish flag

and the third ditch angel dragon is called apache which is the same colour as an a boeing ah-64d apache longbow

iron wing Which is a son of Wolfe and iron wing is a wolf gryphon and he is a little youngling but he is a playful and happy draggy

Zinogre: from monster hunter games name. sparky. Colour: dark blue almost black and gold and silver. He is a pet to Wolfe when Wolfe was out hunting he came a cross him and was patching a wound up and after a while they bumped in to each other more then once they became close like master and pet. He can be very protective over Wolfe but he means good he can some time nom his master or let his master nom him. there bound is strong and they always be there for each other.

Note: I don't own the monster hunter games or stuff cap com dose

Wolfe's new test colour and new oc:…

a black and red gryphon who is a rare type and well he is a fun loving gryphon a bit naughty in a way but nice to be with as a friend and his name is blaze wing

and a horse crossed miniature called shadowmare which his eye colour is silver and his fur colour is oragenish brown and red he is a shy and tamed predator buy he is an great friend to be with

Jaden sapphire
this s a serva a new oc she is kind and caring and is pred only
Serva species belong to a good friend :iconcookieastral:…

Ash is a human male age 17 and he wears black boots and brownish pair of pants along with a white top with a patrol cap and goggles on top of it. Hair colour: has golden like hear with red tips. eye colour: is a purple. He is a friend to cookie has he like to be been around her and have a good time. :iconcookieastral:

Luke is a anthro eagle who wears camoflag pants and top he is wolfe's adopted little brother.

bloodclaw a kangaroo crossed bull with dark brown fur and green eyes with a scar on his right side of his face with a redish brown belly.

George: night fury: whiteish purple eyes whithis a silver scale colour. Plasma colour: gold colour with a blue trail on the end.

Name: mason. An a10 warthog (an American us air force jet fighter) crossed with a mecha dragon…)

kasu he is a python and has a form where he can take on a dragon form. his true form is a python but he has a dragon form for other reasons like he likes to be a dragon for fun and like to feel like he is a dragon. (if anyone asked what is a python dragon just think of kaa from jungle book and he has a dragon form)

Male Arcanine: (no name yet) he is big and fluffy and is pudgy as well normal arcanine colours he wears a dragon sword top and cago pants or just normal pants

mike a wolfroo with light brown fur and blue hair whith a green jacket and blueish goggles on his head (wolfroo belongs to :icondragovian15: Drew)

mile is a horseroo which he is a highland deli horse crossed with a kangaroo with a pair of black gloves and a with gaming top on. :icondragonwolfblade: (kinzoku aka wolfe)…

(horseroo belongs to me)

Snow paws: is a fox coloured cat as Wolfe saved his live when he was a cub and is a he is like a son to Wolfe but a little bit of a pet to him (this idea was from a friend in an rp I did with them)

A navy blue growlmon with a grey underbelly and a big belly as he is kind friendly and is only a pred not prey he wears some sunshades on his head with gold colour eyes. Name: (his name is aWIP)

Black and cyan blue greymon: name: unknown (his a WIP)

Light Gary and dark brown weregarurumon: name: unknown (his a WIP)

Silver and emerald exveemon: name: unknown (his a WIP)

Shiny black and blue with yellow charizard: name: unknown
(She's a WIP)

Blade: blade is a male argonian and is Luke's boyfriend in skyrim and now a days (more infom on him later on)

Male khajiit: name: lion heart (a few pis of what he looks like soon)

Female khajiit: name: unknown for now and what she will look like she is a wip

(All argonian and khajiit belong to Bethesda and elderscrolls)

Lilly a Transendosaurus no name yet (more on her once I come up with infom for her) transendosaurus species inform…)

Transendosaurus species belong to :icongluttonyvores:)


basic dragon, wolf serpent, ,zoroark, pup and dragon hatchling form i all so have a eastern Chinese dragon form,charizard .and a rayquaza form. and i all so have a living plushie form and a mecha dragon form as well.and his loving brother as giving me a goo dragon form and it was a gift plus a nidoking from form his mate grace. Human form. Arcanine.

:icongamerdragon165: my loving and sweet brother who give me a goo form and grace gave him a nidioking form

back story rayqaza form: one day he was out enjoy the river and playing in the river too after a while he found a stature that looked like a rayquaza so he whent up and had a look and he felt it was like it was calling him or something like that so he touched it to feel the handy work of it and then it was starting to combined after a while he turned in to a black rayquaza he can turn in to rayquaza's forn the original form and then he can turn it in to a humanoid type as well he has the rayquaza infused in him for life he can still turn in to the other forms as well

wolfe's profile:…

my da family…

if you like to talk or rp with me but nothing mean and nasty please or you will be blocked

Like to do art in speretime and lison to music too I play on my xbox along with making story`s I like dragons wolfs and sergal`s too I am in to vore as well so hey also like mythical creature and I like furry and I am one as well so yeah and I watch airsoft videos on YouTube.

all art that i do and draws of my sona's and oc's belong to me so please don't steel
(A FULL DRGON ON YPUR PPAGE sorry i cant don one and not good at them not the words in the brackets)

IF YOU HAVE PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGE THAT MEANS YOU ARE OR LOVE DRAGONS! PROUD TO BE A DRAGON METER:███████████████ 200.0%If your proud to be a Dragon, stick this on your page. and share the love for dragons


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